ATHIC 2008 Tsukuba --- Scientific Program ---
13/Oct/2008 (Mon) 14/Oct/2008 (Tue) @ 15/Oct/2008 (Wed)
[1A] 9:00-10:25 [2A] 9:00-10:30 @ [3A] 9:00-10:30
chair: J. H. Kang chair: Y. G. Ma @ chair: M. Asakawa
Yasuo Miake (5) Su Houng Lee (50) @ Xin-Nian Wang (50)
Welcome and opening remark Theoretical overview @ QGP and Jets
Yasuyuki Akiba (50) ShinIchi Esumi (40) @ Nu Xu (40)
Overview of experimental results from RHIC Collective expansion of QGP @ Jets in STAR
Tetsufumi Hirano (30) @ @ @
Hydrodynamic modeling of heavy ion collisions @ @ @
coffee break (35min) coffee break (30min) coffee break (30min)
[1B] 11:00-12:40 [2B1] 11:00-12:40 [2B2] 11:00-12:40 [3B] 11:00-12:30
chair: T. Sugitate chair: Xin-Nian Wang chair: K. S. Lee chair: H. Hamagaki
Aihong Tang (30) Masakiyo Kitazawa (40) Sangyong Jeon (40) Kang-Seog Lee (30)
STAR Flow Review "sQM" - strongly couple Quark Matter - Jet quenching and photon production in QGP Hadronization of a quark-gluon plasma via recombination
Huichao Song (30) Kenji Fukushima (30) Hanzhong Zhang (30) Kensuke Homma (30)
Viscous hydrodynamics for relativistic heavy ion collisions QCD Critical Point Surface vs volume emission in photon-hadron correlation Fluctuation and HBT results
Youngil Kwon, Kenta Shigaki, Hideki Hamagaki, ShinIchi Esumi (40) Sourendu Gupta (30) Fu-Ming Liu (30) Enke Wang (30)
Towards LHC-ALICE collaboration (panel discussion) The Critical point of QCD Centrality-dependent pT spectrum of direct photon Modification of heavy quark fragmentation function in QGP
@ @ @
Photograph of the conference (outside) @ @
lunch break (1hr20min) lunch break (1hr20min) lunch break (1hr30min)
[1C] 14:00-15:30 [2C1] 14:00-15:20 [2C2] 14:00-15:20 [3C] 14:00-15:40
chair: T. Hatsuda chair: C. Nonaka chair: T. Chujo chair: In-Kwon Yoo
Yoshitaka Hatta (40) Yasushi Nara (20) In-Kwon Yoo (20) Shoji Nagamiya (30)
High energy collisions in AdS Initial conditions at RHIC Star Asian computing center J-parc Overview
Youngman Kim (20) Jin-Hui Chen (20) Hiroshi Masui (20) Kyoichiro Ozawa (20)
Heavy quarks in AdS/QCD Measurement of phi-meson production at RHIC v2 & hydro Dense Matter at J-parc
Sang-Jin Sin (30) Yuanfang Wu (20) Shingo Sakai (20) Byungsik Hong (20)
Hadrons and QGP in Dense medium, a holographic view Anisotropic flow, impact parameter, and multiplicity in relativistic heavy ion collisions Charm/bottom measurements at RHIC Compressed Baryonic Matter : Highlight & Prospects
@ Maya Shimomura (20) Guo-Liang Ma (20) Raimond Snellings (30)
@ Systematic study of elliptic flow at RHIC Di- and Tri- hadron correlation in partonic transport model Anisotropic flow: from RHIC to the LHC
@ @ @ @
@ @ @ @
coffee break (30min) coffee break (40min) coffee break (20min)
[1D] 16:00-18:00 [2D1] 16:00-17:40 [2D2] 16:00-17:40 [3D] 16:00-17:15
chair: K. Shigaki chair: C. H. Lee chair: B. Hong chair: TBA
Taku Gunji (40) Shijun Mao (20) Yorito Yamaguchi (20) Kazuyuki Kanaya (30)
Heavy Quark and Quarkonia Production at RHIC BCS-BEC crossover in asymmetric nuclear matter Direct photon in PHENIX Lattice studies of QCD at finite temperature and finite density
Kenji Morita (30) Naoto Tanji (20) Beomsu Chang (20) Jiunn-Wei Chen (20)
Charmonium dissociation temperatures from QCD sum rules Particle production by Schwinger mechanism Combinatorial pair background in the e+e- mass spectra in p+p collisions at sqrt(s) = 14 TeV Phase Transitions and the Perfectness of Fluids
Hirotsugu Fujii (30) Lianyi He (20) Misaki Ouchida (20) Chang-Hwan Lee (20)
Nuclear Effects on the charm production in the CGC framework Relativistic BCS-BEC crossover at quark level Low mass vector meson measurements at RHIC Cosmological Heavy Ion Collisions
Takashi Umeda (20) Yukinao Akamatsu (20) Kyung Eon Choi (20) Enke Wang (5)
QCD Thermodynamics at fixed lattice scale Heavy Quark Diffusion with Relativistic Langevin Dynamics in the Quark-Gluon Fluid Gamma-conversion tomography of STAR detector system with silicon detector and future Next ATHIC in 2010?
@ Alexander Rothkopf (20) Chang Wook Son (20) @
@ Heavy Quark Potential from a Spectral Decomposition of the Thermal Wilson Loop A Simple Method and Test of Single Photoelectron and Uniformity Measurement for Multi-Anode PMT @
@ @ @ @
@ @ @ @
IAC/LOC meeting, Student meeting (Naoto Tanji, Maya Shimomura), (19:00-21:00) Banquet (19:00-21:00) @
Reception 12/Oct/2008 (Sun) 18:00-20:00 ATHIC 2008 Tsukuba --- Scientific Program ---