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Current PID

図 9: Number of hit PMTs in RICH(for $ \sim $pion) vs momentum. [Insert] ring image (by $ \sim $electron).
図 10: Inclusive pion spectra in PHENIX by TOF (charged pion), EMcal (neutral pion) and RICH (charged pion, arbitraly unit) for Au+Au minimum bias in $ \sqrt {s_{NN}}$ = 200 GeV. X-axis is momentum [GeV/c].

Particle identification in the current configuration is performed with TOF (and EMCal-time-of-flight) and RICH. The TOF gives explicit track-by-track identification of pion and kaon up to 2 GeV/c, and proton up to some 4 GeV/c. The RICH is used for the identification of pion above some 5.5 GeV/c up to 10 GeV/c which comes from limit either in momentum measurement or in statistics. In addition to the those, neutral pion can be measured (through two gamma deay) up to 10 GeV/c. Those spectra are shown altogether in the Fig. 10.

Yasuo Miake 平成14年10月23日