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Scope and Cost Estimate

The cost estimation is listed in Table6.

表 6: Cost estimation.
Item Amount Cost(JPY) Cost(USD)
Aerogel (Matsushita, n=1.015) 400 liters 20M 167k
PMT (Hamamatsu, R5155) 400 (200 cells) 16M 133k
Bleeder/preamp/cable 400 channels 1.5M 13k
FEE/trigger 400 channels 5.5M 46k
Cell construction 200 cells 2M 17k
Assem./instal. hardware 4M 33k
Shipping 1 way 2M 17k
TOF panel 1 panel 13M 110k
total -- 64M 536k


Yasuo Miake 平成14年10月23日