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Study of Jet Quench via Flavor Dependences

Since gluons in QCD have stronger interaction than quarks, larger energy loss of gluon jets than that of quark jets is expected. At higher $ p_T$, some particles are fragmented more from gluon jets than quark jets. As a result, particle ratios are modified accordingly. As an example, anti-proton/proton ratio is expected to be reduced as shown in Fig.5, and the observed ratio is in Fig.6. No clear evidence has been reported yet from the measurements done upto $ \sim 4$ GeV/c, but extension of PID will clarify this effect.

図 5: A theoretical prediction based on jet quench scenario[X.N. Wang, PRC].
図 6: Observed anti-proton/proton ratio [shown at QM2002,(PHENIX)].

Yasuo Miake 平成14年10月23日