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Current Status of PID

In the PHNEIX experiment there are multiple subsystems dedicated for the particle identification. One is the Time-of-flight(TOF) subsystem using scintillation light emitted from plastic scintillator. And the other is the RICH subsystem using Cerenkov light emitted from radiator gas. Currently the RICH is using carbon dioxide gas ($ CO_{2}$). As well as the TOF, Electromagnetic calorimeter (EMCal) provides flight time (EMCal-time-of-flight) with larger acceptance coverage in athimuthal angle. EMCal is used also for the measurement of neutral pion through two gamma decay. In addition to those detectors, the proposed Aerogel Cerenkov detector (AEROGEL) allows to enrich the PID capability.


Yasuo Miake 平成14年10月23日