General information on the Program for the History of the Universe
The Program for the History of the Universe was established in 2007 under a special budget for education and research aimed at encouraging an educational revolution allocated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We offer a new education system of graduate students under a unified curriculum through a master’s and doctoral program based on viewing various fields such as particle physics, nuclear physics, and astrophysics as an evolution process of the universe. This program is aimed at constructing an education system that will promote an organic linkage between our campus and hubs for education and research, through which international collaboration research will be carried out by using large-scale accelerators overseas. The budget for this project has been allocated not from a special budget but from the general budget since fiscal 2011, and thus it has been decided that this project will continue.

What is the history
of the universe?

The History of the Universe - The Big Bang Cosmology
Various fields of physics – Relation between Particle physics/Nuclear physics/Astrophysics and the history of the universe
Importance – Importance of education for the history of the universe

Educational program
and system

Curriculum – Educational curriculum
Three hubs – Hubs for education and research, and curriculum
Status – fiscal 2007-2012
Graduated students enrolled - fiscal 2007-2012 Members

Research team,
contact information:

Experimental particle physics: Prof. KIM Shinhong (Phone: +81-29-853-4270)
Experimental nuclear physics: Prof. MIAKE Yasuo (Phone: +81-29-853-4254)
Observational astrophysics: Prof. NAKAI Naomasa (hone: +81-29-853-4281)     

Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences
University of Tsukuba
Practical training at CERN, one of hubs for the history of the universe
Last update: 2012.05.15