The 2nd Asian Triangle Heavy Ion Conference (ATHIC 2008)


Scientific Program (Presentation Slides)

  1. Oct. 13, 2008 (Mon.), 1st day

Session [1A]  9:00-10:25  Chair : J. H. Kang (Yonsei Univ.)

* Yasuo Miake (Univ. of Tsukuba) [5]  “Welcome and opening remark” (PPT)

* Yasuyuki Akiba (RIKEN) [50]  “Overview of experimental results from RHIC” (PPT)

* Tetsufumi Hirano (Univ. of Tokyo) [30]  “Hydrodynamic modeling of heavy ion collisions” (PPT)

Session [1B]  11:00-12:40  Chair : T. Sugitate (Hiroshima Univ.)

* Aihong Tang (BNL) [30]  “STAR Flow Review” (PDF)

* Huichao Song (Ohio State Univ.) [30]  “Viscous hydrodynamics for relativistic heavy ion collisions” (PDF)

* Youngil Kwon (Yonsei Univ.), Kenta Shigaki (Hiroshima Univ.), Hideki Hamagaki (Univ. of Tokyo),

ShinIchi Esumi (Univ. of Tsukuba) [40]  “Towards LHC-ALICE collaboration (panel discussion)” (PPT (Tokyo, Yonsei, Tsukuba), PPTX (Hiroshima))

Session [1C]  14:00-15:30  Chair : T. Hatsuda (Univ. of Tokyo)

* Yoshitaka Hatta (Univ. of Tsukuba) [40]  “High energy collisions in AdS” (PPT)

* Youngman Kim (Korea Institute for Advanced Study) [20]  “Heavy quarks in AdS/QCD” (PDF, PPTX)

* Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang Univ.) [30]  “Hadrons and QGP in Dense medium, a holographic view” (PDF, PPT)

Session [1D]  16:00-18:00  Chair : K. Shigaki (Hiroshima Univ.)

* Taku Gunji (Univ. of Tokyo) [40]  “Heavy Quark and Quarkonia Production at RHIC” (PPT)

* Kenji Morita (Yonsei Univ.) [30]  “Charmonium dissociation temperatures from QCD sum rules” (PPT)

* Hirotsugu Fujii (Univ. of Tokyo) [30]  “Nuclear Effects on the charm production in the CGC framework” (PDF)

* Takashi Umeda (Univ. of Tsukuba) [20]  “QCD Thermodynamics at fixed lattice scale” (PPT)

  1. Oct. 14, 2008 (Tue.), 2nd day

Session [2A]  9:00-10:30  Chair : Y. G. Ma (Shanghai Inst. of App. Phys., CAS)

* Su Houng Lee (Yonsei Univ.) [50]  “Theoretical overview” (PPT)

* ShinIchi Esumi (Univ. of Tsukuba) [40]  “Collective expansion of QGP” (PPT)

Parallel Session [2B1]  11:00-12:40  Chair : Xin-Nian Wang (LBNL)

* Masakiyo Kitazawa (Osaka Univ.) [40]  “sQM - strongly couple Quark Matter -” (PPT)

* Kenji Fukushima (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics) [30]  “QCD Critical Point” (PDF)

  1. *Sourendu Gupta (Tata Institute, India) [30]  “The Critical point of QCD” (PDF)

Parallel Session [2B2]  11:00-12:40  Chair : K. S. Lee (Chonnam Nat. Univ.)

* Sangyong Jeon (McGill Univ.) [40]  “Jet quenching and photon production in QGP” (PDF)

* Hanzhong Zhang (Huazhong Normal Univ.) [30]

  “Surface vs volume emission in photon-hadron correlation” (PPT)

* Fu-Ming Liu (Central China Normal Univ.) [30]  “Centrality-dependent pT spectrum of direct photon” (PPT)

Parallel Session [2C1]  14:00-15:20  Chair : C. Nonaka (Nagoya Univ.)

* Yasushi Nara (Akita International Univ.) [20]  “Initial conditions at RHIC” (PDF)

* Jin-Hui Chen (Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, CAS) [20]

  “Measurement of phi-meson production at RHIC” (PPT)

* Yuanfang Wu (Huazhong Normal Univ.) [20]

  “Anisotropic flow, impact parameter, and multiplicity in relativistic heavy ion collisions” (PPT)

* Maya Shimomura (Univ. of Tsukuba) [20]  “Systematic study of elliptic flow at RHIC” (PPT)

Parallel Session [2C2]  14:00-15:20  Chair : T. Chujo (Univ. of Tsukuba)

* In-Kwon Yoo (Pusan National Univ.) [20]  “STAR Asian computing center” (PDF, PPTX)

* Hiroshi Masui (LBNL) [20]  “v2 & hydro” (PDF)

* Shingo Sakai (UCLA) [20]  “Charm/bottom measurements at RHIC” (PDF, PPTX)

* Guo-Liang Ma (Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, CAS) [20]

  “Multi-particle correlation in a multi-phase transport model” (PDF)

Parallel Student Session [2D1]  16:00-17:40  Chair: C. H. Lee (Pusan Nat. Univ.)

* Shijun Mao (Tsinghua Univ.) [20]  “BCS-BEC crossover in asymmetric nuclear matter” (PDF)

* Naoto Tanji (Univ. of Tokyo) [20]  “Particle production by Schwinger mechanism” (PDF)

* Lianyi He (Tsinghua Univ.) [20]  “Relativistic BCS-BEC crossover at quark level” (PPT)

* Yukinao Akamatsu (Univ. of Tokyo) [20]

  “Heavy Quark Diffusion with Relativistic Langevin Dynamics in the Quark-Gluon Fluid” (PPT)

* Alexander Rothkopf (Univ. of Tokyo) [20]

  “Heavy Quark Potential from a Spectral Decomposition of the Thermal Wilson Loop” (PDF)

Parallel Student Session [2D2]  16:00-17:40  Chair : B. Hong (Korea Univ.)

* Yorito Yamaguchi (Univ. of Tokyo) [20]  “Direct photon in PHENIX” (PPT)

* Beomsu Chang (Yonsei Univ.) [20]

  “Combinatorial pair background in the e+e- mass spectra in p+p collisions at sqrt(s) = 14 TeV” (PPT)

* Misaki Ouchida (Hiroshima Univ.) [20]  “Low mass vector meson measurements at RHIC” (PPT)

* Kyung Eon Choi (Pusan National Univ.) [20]

  “Gamma-conversion tomography of STAR detector system with silicon detector and future” (PDF)

* Chang Wook Son (Pusan National Univ.) [20]

  “A Simple Method and Test of Single Photoelectron and Uniformity Measurement

   for Multi-Anode PMT” (PPT)

  1. Oct. 15, 2008 (Wed.), 3rd day

Session [3A]  9:00-10:30  Chair : M. Asakawa (Osaka Univ.)

* Xin-Nian Wang (LBNL) [50]  “QGP and Jets” (PDF)

* Nu Xu (LBNL) [40]  “Jets in STAR” (PDF)

Session [3B]  11:00-12:30  Chair : H. Hamagaki (CNS, Univ. of Tokyo)

* Kang-Seog Lee (Chonnam National Univ.) [30]

  “Hadronization of a quark-gluon plasma via recombination” (PPT)

* Kensuke Homma (Hiroshima Univ.) [30]  “Fluctuation and HBT results” (PDF)

* Enke Wang (Huazhong Normal Univ.) [30]

“Modification of heavy quark fragmentation function in QGP” (PPT)

Session [3C]  14:00-15:40  Chair : In-Kwon Yoo (Pusan Nat. Univ.)

* Shoji Nagamiya (KEK, J-parc) [30]  “J-PARC Overview” (PPT)

* Kyoichiro Ozawa (Univ. of Tokyo) [20]  “Dense Matter at J-PARC” (PDF, PPTX)

* Byungsik Hong (Korea Univ.) [20]  “Compressed Baryonic Matter: Highlight & Prospects” (PPT)

* Raimond Snellings (NiKHEF) [30]  “Anisotropic flow: from RHIC to the LHC” (PDF)

Session [3D]  16:00-17:15  Chair : E. Wang (Huazhong Normal University)

* Kazuyuki Kanaya (Univ. of Tsukuba) [30]

  “Lattice studies of QCD at finite temperature and finite density” (PDF)

* Jiunn-Wei Chen (National Taiwan Univ.) [20]  “Phase Transitions and the Perfectness of Fluids” (PDF)

* Chang-Hwan Lee (Pusan National Univ.) [20] “Cosmological Heavy Ion Collisions” (PPT)

* Enke Wang (Huazhong Normal Univ.) [5]  “Next ATHIC in 2010” (PPT)